PS5 Vs PS5 Slim: Worth It 2024? Which One Better?

PS5 Vs PS5 Slim: Worth It 2024? Which One Better?

In the exciting world of video games, PS5 vs PS5 Slim: Worth it 2024?! People love it because it has cool games and makes playing games feel like you’re in the future. This article is all about helping you decide between the smaller PlayStation 5 Slim and the bigger original disc console. Let’s explore both to help you choose which one is best for you in 2024.

The PlayStation 5 Wonder

  1. Amazing Games

The PlayStation 5 has super cool games, and the controller does special things like vibrating and having a touchpad. There’s even a headset that makes you feel like you’re in the game!

  1. Quick Loading

Switching between scenes in games, like in Spider-Man 2, happens fast on the PlayStation 5. No, waiting around – it’s all super speedy and fun!

PlayStation 5 Slim vs. Original Disc Console: What’s the Difference?PS5 Vs PS5 Slim: Worth It 2024? Which One Better?

  1. Size Matters

The smaller PlayStation 5 Slim is great if you have less space. You can put it standing up or lying down. The original disc console is a bit bigger, so choose based on where you want to put it.

  1. Plugging In Stuff

The original PlayStation 5 has more places to plug in your gadgets on the front. But the Slim version has two special connections in the front. Think about what you need before picking one.

  1. How Much Money?

Both the PlayStation 5 Slim and the original disc console cost about the same. But the Slim is smaller and still costs the same, so that might be a good deal!

Digital Consoles: Something to Think About

  1. Digital Console Fun Facts

If you like downloading games and not using discs, the PlayStation 5 Slim is a good choice. But think about the price and if your old cables will work.

  1. Speedy or Not?

The Slim PlayStation 5 is a bit faster than the big one. Maybe it’s because of the new stuff inside. If you like things to be quick, Slim might be the way to go!

Design Looks: Slim vs. Original

  1. Pretty or Not?

The original PlayStation 5 looks nice with its matte finish and customizable plates. The Slim one is smaller but has a mix of matte and shiny parts. Think about which design you like more.

  1. Lights and Colors

The big PlayStation 5 has colourful lights that make it look awesome. The Slim one is okay but doesn’t have as many pretty lights.

Tech Stuff: Both Are Good

  1. Same Abilities

Both PlayStation 5 Slim and the big one can do the same cool things, like showing super clear images and playing fast. The only difference is you need to put a disc in the Slim to play.

Choosing Your PlayStation 5 in 2024

  1. Money and Used Ones

If you don’t have much money, you can get a used big PlayStation 5 for less. But if you want the newest one, the Slim is cool too!

  1. Latest and Greatest

If you want the newest thing, get the PlayStation 5 Slim. It’s small and has all the cool features.

  1. Updates and More Fun

Both PlayStation 5 consoles get updates to make them even better. So, whether you pick the Slim or the big one, you’ll have lots of fun playing games.

Where to buy?

Buy from original website and near to your shop PlayStation 5 Slim and Original Disc Console


Deciding between the PlayStation 5 Slim and the big one is about what you like. Both are awesome and will make playing games super fun in 2024!


Q0: PS5 Vs PS5 Slim: Worth It 2024? Which One Better?

Yes, both  are better in there way

Q1: Can I change how the Slim PlayStation 5 looks?

Yes, you can put different plates on the Slim one to make it look cool.

Q2: Does the Slim PlayStation 5 play games faster?

Yes, it does! The Slim version is a bit faster.

Q3: Are the lights on the big PlayStation 5 better?

Yes, the big one has more colourful lights that look cool.

Q4: Can I use old cables with the Slim PlayStation 5?

The Slim one mostly uses special cables, so check if your old ones will work.

Q5: Is one of them cheaper than the other?

Not really, they cost about the same. But think about size and design when you choose.

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